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ACM Homes stands out from other, bigger developers with more than the usual comforts in amenities.  Beyond the standard clubhouses and parks, ACM Homes’ communities are equipped with unique facilities that engage and support family and individual pursuits.  

The Reading Room:

Learning is fun with other neighborhood kids.  Stocked with values and family oriented storybooks and educational reading materials, the Reading Room is a place for children to interact, feed their minds and create new experiences with others.  Film showing and invited guest storytellers take the experience up a notch.

Bamboo Park:

The visually mystifying rows of faux bamboo poles encourage active, creative play.  Kids get to imagine themselves heroes making their way through a bamboo forest or a maze.  Let their imagination run free.

The Greenhouse:

A tented garden where grownups wield their green thumb to grow their own food or sell produce for profit.  Kids get to enjoy a day out in the open, helping grow things, exploring nature and reconnecting to the earth.  Therapeutic gardening and finding joy in nature’s rewards creates an organic experience for the adults.

Began in partnership with the International Institute of Rural Reconstruction (IIRR), the Greenhouse project aims to build a healthy and harmonized community via a community garden.

Terraced Lawns:

A series of stone pavers and grass provide unique seating and space for gathering round with neighbors and friends, to take in the breeze or watch the games at the nearby court.

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Richmond Park Townhouses have been developed with the latest design that ensures you live in the modern community and utilize all the facilities provided with the housing.  These two storied homes have outstanding features that attract families to live and enjoy a calm environment.  These amenities play a significant role in ensuring the comfort of each household as well as the entire community.

Though the houses have been developed for the middle to low earning class, special features have not been left behind.  These features and amenities complete the feel of a gated community bringing a taste of better living.

The middle and low-class group of people ought to live in an environment that allows them to be proud of their hard work, Cavite is one of such areas that has a relaxed atmosphere.  With the Export Processing Zone and many other commercial hubs in this area, it pays off for these hardworking individuals to own their homes close enough to their workplaces.   

The amenities provided help the residents enjoy life both indoors and outdoors in a communal way.  It is a healthy way to bring the Richmond Park community together to allow neighbors to know one another and live in harmony with each other in the serene environment making it a dream come true for many. 

These Features & Amenities Include:

Multi-purpose Hall
Basketball court
Open spaces for parks and playgrounds
Concrete roads
Underground drainage system
Cemented Sidewalks
Electrical system by Meralco
Cemented sidewalks
Deep well water system with elevated water tanks
Concrete Curbs and gutters
Guard house
Perimeter fence
Cavite Export Processing Zone

Security is the first determining factor that one needs to consider while investing in a home.  At Richmond Park Townhouses, security is well maintained 24 hours, seven days a week with the gates manned by the guards.  Even though security starts with you, you do not have to worry about the safety of your family as they are well guarded and secured round the clock.

You do not have to worry about your house being broken into because there is always tight security both day and night that keeps watch over the homes.     

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